About UCL

Strategy and Objectives

To educate the professionals of tomorrow is University College Lillebaelt’s aim and is operationalised through 6 strategic objectives.

6 Strategic Objectives

University College Lillebaelt seeks to educate and train the professional bachelor graduates needed by the labour market in Denmark and abroad, especially by the public and non-profit sectors.

6 strategic objectives have been drawn up for the realisation of these goals. In addition to providing graduates with robust skills for their specific profession, UCL makes sure that they are:

  • Interdisciplinary and user-oriented
  • Skilled in citizen involvement and policy understanding
  • Entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Familiar with the use of the latest technology
  • Trained to develop new knowledge and new methods
  • Trained to continue to develop their professions and their workplaces

International focus

Focusing on these strategic areas, University College Lillebaelt strives to ensure that throughout their studies graduates are involved as much as possible in international activities, thus strengthening and increasing their overall skills and competences.

Along with other forms of international cooperation – with HEIs, professional networks, organisations, academics and professional workers – UCL regards student and staff mobility as the basis for innovation, improved learning and the development of knowledge and skills, which in turn will further contribute to the quality and development of society at large.


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