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University College Lillebaelt offers higher education programmes contributing to the ongoing development of society.

Higher Education

University College Lillebaelt offers higher education programmes – professional bachelor’s degrees – where the graduates contribute to the continual development of the welfare society.

UCL trains social educators, teachers, nurses, radiographers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, biomedical laboratory scientists, public administrators and social workers.

Continuing Professional Development and Educational Resources

In addition, University College Lillebaelt offers Continuing Professional Development, from one-day seminars tailored to specific organisations and professionals to Diplomas at the BA-level.

The Educational Resource Centre serves the University College as well as teachers at all levels in the region, offering an unsurpassed collection of teaching materials and a highly professional staff of consultants.

History and Geography

University College Lillebaelt is one of seven university colleges in Denmark established 1 January 2008. A large number of smaller institutions, most of which offered only one specialised bachelor programme, were merged.

Many medium-cycle higher professional education programmes in Denmark are now offered by university colleges. UCL, though young, is very experienced.

Geographically, University College Lillebaelt covers part of the Southern Region of Denmark and has approximately 7,000 students and 700 employees.

International cooperation

University College Lillebaelt aims to train tomorrow’s professionals to be highly respected key players in a strongly cohesive welfare state, in which generating, spreading and utilising knowledge contribute to sustainable welfare development.

Internationalisation is an important tool in this process, contributing to improving quality and increasing knowledge in both education and research.

UCL therefore appreciates and welcomes close cooperation with existing and potential partners with a view to developing joint educational projects, study programmes and student and staff exchanges.

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Whether you would like to study with UCL, teach with UCL or you are looking for a partnership, UCL looks forward to hearing from you.

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