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UCL Wants to Create More Courses Aimed at International Students

In early July, 15 Saudi Arabian physiotherapist students completed their 4 week stay at UCL. UCL hopes to be able to provide similar courses for students from more countries in the future.

Collaboration with the Saudi Arabian university Jazan University may very well be the beginning of something great for UCL.

June saw the 15 Saudi Arabian physiotherapist students go through a course programme in Denmark which UCL helped arrange.

-“UCL and Jazan University have discussed the possibilities of extending the collaboration in order for us to create similar courses for not only physiotherapist students but also for students from other health sciences”, says Henrik Hjorth, Chief Consultant of Professional Development and Educational Resources at UCL.

-“If it goes well then it would be natural to contact some of the BRIKS-countries and Next 11-countries e.g. Vietnam, Mexico and South Korea”, says Henrik Hjorth.

-“If we can gather the will and the capacity, then I believe us to be capable within 3 years of regularly offering more courses like the one we just provided for the Saudi Arabian physiotherapist students.”

Saudi Arabiske fysioterapeut studerende

Teacher Leif Zebitz from the Physiotherapist Department in Odense instructs 2 of the Saudi Arabian physiotherapist students who participated in the 4 week course programme which UCL organised.

UCL Wants to Disseminate the Danish Way of Teaching

“Attracting more international students to Denmark is of great value for Denmark”, says Henrik Hjorth.

-”Naturally we want to create these types of courses in order for us to extend our area of business”, says the chief consultant from UCL.

-”However, it is also very much about how we want to take part in providing an insight into the Danish culture to students from other countries. An added bonus of having international students at our institution is that it helps broaden our own students’ minds and opinions on other cultures”, says Henrik Hjorth.

-”At the same time UCL wants part in disseminating the Danish way of education. We have a unique academic approach where we put more focus on prevention and on involving and assigning the patient responsibilities when he or she meets the healthcare system.

Saudi Arabian Universities Are Open for Further Collaboration

The course programme for the 15 Saudi Arabian physiotherapists included 2 weeks of classes at the Department of Physiotherapy in Odense. Following this, the students did clinical placements for the remaining 2 weeks at i.a. physiotherapist clinics on Funen and hospital departments.

-”We made the arrangement with UCL because we would like to expand our students’ view of the world by ensuring that they encounter other cultures. Danish study programmes focus a lot on training practical skills. This is something our students can benefit from too”, says Mohamed Moukyer, International Adviser at Jazan University.

-”We have not agreed on new procedures with UCL, but we have met with UCL’s Radiography and Nursing departments on several occasions. We have had preliminary talks about the possibilities for some of our radiography and nursing students to study at UCL”, says Mohamed Moukyer.

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To learn more about the collaboration with Saudi Arabia, please contact:

Henrik Hjort,

Chief Consultant of Professional Development and Educational Resources


Phone: Tlf. 40 16 51 80



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