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UCL is Strengthening the Collaboration with the Mexican University UNLA

UNLA’s rector and development director visited UCL last week and let us know that the Mexican university is pleased with the now 6 year-long collaboration with UCL.

More of UCL’s students and employees can do placements in Mexico. More courses need to be developed – courses where Danes and Mexicans can learn from each other. And at the same time UCL can help inspire a new health education programme in Mexico.

These are merely some of the goals of the extension of the collaboration UCL has had with the Mexican university UNLA since 2009. The motivation for a strengthened collaboration is big for UCL’s Mexican collaborator.

– “We want to strengthen our relationship and develop new activities as we have much we can learn from each other”, says Roberto Mantilla, rector as UNLA.

– “Together we can develop new programmes on the level of bachelor and master degrees. We can also develop e-learning programmes and produce courses and lessons via video so one can gain an international perspective despite not being able to travel abroad”, says Roberto Mantilla.


Last week UCL’s rector Erik Knudsen and the rector of the Mexican university UNLA, Roberto Mantilla, signed an agreement which ensures a closer collaboration between UCL and UNLA.

UCL Students Will Benefit Greatly from the Collaboration with Mexico

Since 2009 14 UCL students have been on exchange stays in Mexico. After the summer vacation another 10 UCL students from 4 education programmes will leave for the annual summer school in Mexico. UCL and UNLA have organised this since 2011 with Mette Richter who is the project leader. Mette Richter is also a special adviser in international relations at UCL.

The Danish students gain great academic benefits from the meeting with Mexico according to Victor Vargas, the divisional director at UNLA.

– ”In Mexico NGOs and private organisations play a much larger part within e.g. the social and health sector as we do not have a strong welfare state like Denmark has”, says Victor Vargas.

– “Up until the 1990s we actually did have a strong welfare system, however, then the role of the welfare state was severely diminished. This means that Danish students can gain an insight into how society reacts when the welfare society is dismantled”, says UNLA’s divisional director, Victor Vargas.

UCL to Inspire a New Education Programme in Mexico

UCL will probably play a significant part in a new education programme in gerontology which UNLA will establish within the next couple of years. Last week UNLA’s rector and development director came to Denmark for a visit. Among other places, they visited the simulation lab at UCL’s health education programmes in Odense and at a care home.

– ”In Mexico we have a very medical approach within the health sector. We would like to learn more about how we can educate and train people who do not only focus on physiological things, but also e.g. relationship formation and quality of life”, says Roberto Mantilla.

– ”UCL has expertise and knowledge which we can learn from”, says UNLA’s rector who is delighted with the first 6 years of collaboration with UCL.

– “Through the years we have built more and more onto our collaboration and the best part is that it can develop into so much more”, says UNLA’s rector, Roberto Mantilla.

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