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The Kenya-collaboration at the Department of Teaching on Funen is Strengthening the Students

The collaboration with three Kenyan teaching education programmes at the Department of Teaching on Funen is giving the Danish and Kenyan students a boost, according to the Kenyan rector Elvira Shitohi.

– “By collaborating with each other, the Danish and Kenyan students are becoming less prejudiced. The collaboration in itself also means that the students are much more motivated to learn about other cultures”, says Elvira Shitohi, rector at Murang’a Teachers Training Challenge.

The conclusion is based on the past year where the students from the Department of Teaching on Funen and a Kenyan Teaching Education have collaborated on various things; e.g. geography courses via e.g. Skype.

– ”The students are faced with concrete things an example being their communication via Skype where they draw on each other’s life experiences”, says Keziah Nyakio, a teacher for one of the Kenyan classes which collaborated with the Funen teaching students this current academic year.

– “The training and the education become more present than if the students had only read about what the climate or life conditions mean for a Kenyan’s life”, says Keziah.


Elvira Shitohi is the rector and Keziah Nyakio a teacher at one of the three Kenyan teaching education programmes which the Department of Teaching on Funen is collaborating with. The two Kenyans recently visited Funen.

The Collaboration Will Be Extended to Include More Courses the Next Few Years

The collaboration will be extended the next few years to ensure that Danish and Kenyan students also work together in mathematics and music courses. The Danish students have this great initiative to look forward to, predicts Elvira Shitohi.

– ”The collaboration will mean that Danish students will be enriched in regards to understanding the meaning of music in other places in the world. They will also gain knowledge about the traditional African instruments”, says Elvira Shitohi.

– “Through the collaboration, the Danish students can gain a greater perspective of African culture which emerges from the music.”

– ”In the future I also see great opportunities for collaboration in courses such as religion and physical exercise. Danish teaching students can gain quite a lot from getting better insight on how Africans perceive religion. Not only in regards to cultural meetings but also outside of Denmark”, says Elvira Shitohi.

The Students Gain Broader Perspectives on Classroom Management

The collaboration also benefits the students because of the opportunities of comparing two different approaches to classroom management.

– ”In Kenya we have a lot of focus on discipline, and the training and education is more one-way than in Denmark. Besides all of this, it is in itself a great learning experience for both sides to experience what it means for the education: to have this great difference in approaches to e.g. the internet and electronics”, adds Keziah Nyakio.

As a part of the collaboration, Danish students can do their placements in Kenya. At the beginning of spring, six students from Funen left to do their placements in Kenya. The next group of students is set to leave for Kenya in autumn.

– ”It serves as an even better premise for co-learning to have the option for Danish students to do their placements in Kenya. Our students are already anxiously awaiting the next group of Danish students”, says Keziah Nyakio.

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