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Teacher Education Programme

It takes four years to become an elementary school teacher.

The Bachelor of Education programme gives you an opportunity to design your own study programme and specialise in a field of your choice.

The Bachelor of Education programme is offered at our campuses in Jelling and Odense. Each campus has its own distinct academic and study profile, but the Bachelor of Education programme is the same, so you can combine courses from both campuses into your personal study plan.

The full study programme is taught in Danish, but each campus has special offers for exchange and international students.

Design Your Own Study Plan

Within the framework of the programme you will be able to tailor your study programme by choosing from the many different options for specialisation. As you choose your courses and specialization, you will begin to identify your interests and ultimately the job profile that you wish to qualify for upon completion of the programme. For example:

  • – Are you interested in teaching younger or older pupils?
  • – Would you like to be an all-round-teacher or a specialist?
  • – Would you like to specialise in teaching sciences?
  • – Are you interested in an international dimension?
  • – Would you like to specialise in reading and literary pedagogy?


A full education programme lasts four years and you must choose between 2 to 3 major subjects of specialisation, depending on the number of ECTS points for each subject.

Each year there is an obligatory school practice, arranged by the Practice Office of particular department of University College Lillebælt.

As a student teacher, you will be guided by experienced teachers and will receive training in planning, implementing and evaluating teaching for different age groups in your chosen subjects.

You will also gain an understanding of the many areas a teacher must work with, for example, teacher-parent co-operation, social issues in and around the classroom, your professional development, etc. The final study product is a bachelor project, and thus upon successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Education.


Title: Bachelor of Education


Duration: 4 years – 240 ECTS


Language of Instruction: Danish


Courses taught in English: Yes


Cities: Odense, Jelling

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