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GLAD – a programme involving cooperation with Kenya focusing on the new teacher training education

PROJECT GLAD (Global Learning – Advanced professionalism – Dialogue) is a development project in conjunction with the new teacher training education (LU 13).

The main aim of the project is to qualify future teachers’ skills in the sphere of global learning, communication and information in cooperation with three teacher training colleges in Kenya. The project is supported by Danida and will be realised within a four year time frame (2014-2018).

The Project

The purpose of the GLAD project is to develop information about developing countries and intercultural pedagogy / didactics in connection with the new teacher training education. This will occur through, among other things, by working with a developing country, and through a strengthening of the trainee teachers’ intercultural skills.

Kenyan collaboration

The aims of the GLAD programme are:

  • Professional development, both in relation to individual subject (e.g. geography), and in the area of basic professionalism
  • Pedagogy and didactic theory combined with practice (advanced module)
  • Conveying and communicating global themes with experience from visiting developing countries, and communication with students and teachers in developing countries
  • Topics that have global perspectives such as sustainability, health care, climate, etc.
  • Work placement and exchange with a global view where both students and teachers visit a developing country
  • Cooperation with local state schools (Holluf Pile school and Hunderupskolen) and a Primary School in Kenya
  • Active use of IT, where such media as Skype / blog dialogues will be included in the process
  • As well as the above, culture studies and mutual exchanges for example in connection with work placement, where students will be able to use their experience and knowledge from the project in the final Bachelor project (BA), and also in connection with profession projects (1st-3rd year students).

The Dep. of Teacher Education, UCL, (LpF), will in conjunction with the GLAD project support the opportunity to develop a type of teacher who will have professional skills and strengths to work with and convey global topics in a more authentic manner with dialogue, while the students are already under education.

Kenyan collaboration 3

More information

The information on this page serves as an introduction. To learn more, please read our brochure about the collaboration which can be found here.

Or read our article about the visit we had from Kenya in May 2015. The article can be found here.



The GLAD Project

Collaboration with 3 Kenyan teaching programmes supported by Danida, which is a part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The project will include:

  • Courses: collaboration on global themes are the focus.
  • The course “Intercultural Meetings from an International Perspective”, where students can immerse themselves and focus on e.g.culture meetings, health and sustainability.
  • The opportunity for students to do 3-week placements in Kenya.
  • Bachelor project: the goal is to have students use the GLAD project as a starting point in their bachelor projects.

For more info please find our project brochure here.

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