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Teacher Education Funen

Department of Teacher Education Funen is one of the largest institutions for teacher education in Denmark.


At the Department of Teacher Education Funen, we offer a teacher education programme with a wide range of academic courses and internships.

Our outstanding teaching staff is academically trained educators, and their primary goal is to maximise your learning experience and be valuable partners as you develop your own personal study plan and choose specialisation.

Our main goal is to continually improve the programme, and we are constantly developing the everyday curriculum and teaching methods, as well as our long term strategy.

We are closely affiliated with researchers at University of Southern Denmark and with municipalities and schools in our area. Internationally, we have a large network of partners in Europe and South Africa.

Preparing Teachers for a Changing World

In the modern, rapidly changing society, the school must keep up with the changes and for teachers this means specialization. At the department of Teacher Education Funen, we are front runners in offering dynamic specialisations to our students, for example, with a ‘Development Contract’ you can work at a school and study at the same time.

We are constantly adding new options and are working closely with the University of Southern Denmark to offer high quality, research based study options in the future.

Our motto is ‘Ever Developing Teacher Education’

We take our motto literally, which is why our teaching programme of tomorrow will not be the teaching programme of today or yesterday. The department of Teacher Education Funen wants to make a difference and we hope to do so in co-operation with you!


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