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Social Work Programme

Becoming a social worker takes courage and dedication. You will be working with people who are struggling.

Most people know this and that is why our students are passionate about the field and very involved in their studies.

Social Workers nowadays work in incredibly diverse jobs. Your future as a graduate of social work could be anything: street work with homeless populations, handling difficult cases for a public authority in areas such as child and family services, eldercare, career counseling in a job centre, working in drug rehab programmes or any other target group or field you are drawn to.


As a social work graduate you will be a jack of many trades: psychology, law, sociology and social methodology to name a few and have flexibility in choosing your career path.

Our student body is very diverse, representing a wide range of social, cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds and each student is expected to contribute with his or her experience and personality.

You will find that respect comes in many forms and shapes and you will be prepared to enter the profession with the skills and tools you need to work with diverse target groups.

Our teaching staff emphasizes good, respectful communication and you will gain the tools to listen to others and really hear what they are saying as well as express your ideas and thoughts in a way that builds positive relationships.


Title: Bachelor of Social Work


Duration: 31⁄2 years – 210 ECTS


Language of Instruction: Danish


Courses taught in English: Yes


City: Odense

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