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Social Education in Svendborg

Challenges and presence mean something special at the Department of Social Education in Svendborg.

We are special! And that is why you will become special too!

When you study Social Education at the Svendborg campus, you will not only become a social educator, you will become a person with many competencies, both personal and professional competencies. That’s because we plan the programme in a special way, which we call the Svendborg Profile.

The full programme is taught in Danish and international students are very welcome in practice placements.

Svendborg Profile

We have planned a programme which will make you a sought after social education, but maybe also a leader, a conflict mediator, a consultant…..

The possibilities are many if you have the courage to challenge yourself.

Throughout the programme, interprofessional and multidisciplinary approaches are integrated through courses, projects and targeted course work, where you will gain competencies in areas such as personal leadership, team work, team management and team coordination, project management, counseling, conflict resolution, knowledge dissemination and interprofessional cooperation.

In addition, the social education programme in Svendborg focuses on health and wellness as well as working with creative and music approaches.

All in all, with a degree in social education from the Department of Social Education, Svendborg you will become a professional entrepreneur ready and able to make a difference and create change.

Specialisation in Svendborg

The Department of Social Education, Svendborg offers a specialisation in Health, Body, and Movement for Children and Youth, and among other areas we focus on the nutritional and exercise habits of children and youth.

At Svendborg campus your studies are always supported by the many great courses offered, and we are constantly experimenting with new and innovative ways to study.

In addition to inspiring faculty and courses, you will find a very special study environment in Svendborg, marked by closeness and cooperation. We take care of each other, and we take each other seriously.



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