For current international students

Social Education Programme

It takes 3½ years to complete a bachelor of social education.

We give you three paths to choose from: one in Odense, one in Jelling and one in Svendborg.

The full programme is taught in Danish but international students are very welcome in practice placements or at one of the two theoretic English-language modules offered in Odense.

The bachelor of social education will qualify you for all types of pedagogical work in the fields of daycare, youth and community work, day nurseries and residential institutions in the social sector.

Core values of the programme are democracy, equality and dialogue. We focus on respect for each individual and you will learn about personal development, cultural and social relations and become conscious of how personal values and attitudes influence your pedagogical work.

You will acquire the tools to discuss, plan, and implement pedagogical programmes based on knowledge of interpersonal, cultural, and aesthetic approaches and processes, always with respect for the individuals in your care.

Specialists with a Sound Professional Foundation

With a bachelor of social education you will get an all-round pedagogical education, and at the same time you will specialise in one particular target group and an aesthetic subject of your interest.

For example you can specialise in working with infants or youth, working in a residential institution or in community work, and you can choose from a number of aesthetic subjects such as arts and crafts, music or drama to mention a few.

Three unique campuses and study programmes give you the opportunity to choose the campus and programme that suits your personality and interests.

We have structured all three programmes into modules of similar lengths, so that each of our campuses offers modules in a specific field at the same time. This means that you have the option of transferring from one campus to another and you can choose to do so for a short period or for a longer period, depending on your study goals. You have many options – it is up to you to choose.

Add a Professional Bachelor Degree to your CV

The bachelor of social education is a 3½-year-long professional bachelor programme for full-time students. The programme combines theory and practice and culminates in a bachelor project.

Once you have completed the programme successfully and have been awarded a bachelor in educational studies the door is open to many fulfilling jobs in the pedagogical field, or you may choose to further your education at graduate level.


Title: Bachelor in Social Education


Duration: 3½ years – 210 ECTS


Language of Instruction: Danish


Courses taught in English: Yes


Cities: Odense, Svendborg, Jelling

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