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Summer School in Mexico

27 July  – 18 August 2016 – a unique learning experience, a unique cultural experience, come join the Summer School in Mexico 2016.

A high skilled education. Summer School in Social Entrepreneurship. Create your own moment and make a difference for others with fellow students who are just as committed as you.

You will learn about Social Entrepreneurship, how to empower people and help them to a better life. You earn 6 ECTS points during the Summer school and all participants will do a presentation and receive a graded certificate proving their attendance. Ask your local university for equivalence of the course.

The summer school is multidisciplinary and you will work with students from different areas. The Mexican students will be from international relations, business management and psychology and the Danish students will be from nursing, social education and social work. This gives you the opportunity to qualify in a multidisciplinary approach, which is needed in social Entrepreneurship.

During the course, there will be a co-operation with different associations in order to implement and develop educational theories and practices. With this material, you will acquire the skills to work with little or no means and on equal terms with people, locally and globally.

You will also experience the culture of marvelous Mexico, the country of different Mesoamerican cultures.

Who can Apply and Participate?

Students of social education or early childhood studies, nursing and social work from all over the world. Deadline of application is 15 May 2016. We choose you from your motivation.


Here you can fill out the application form, remember to press – submit.

NGO’s and Associations we Collaborate with During the Summerschool

Download descriptions of the participating NGO’s and associations

Where does the Summer School take place?

You will attend courses at the well-reputed University Latina de America in Morelia city. The University is one of the best in Mexico, and we have an extra-ordinary collaboration with the university.

They will give different lectures on “How to work with families at risk” , “Communication in difficult situations” and on Mexican culture both from a general historic perspective as well as on current topics such as gender in Mexico, family politics in Mexico and much more. From UCL, very engaged lecturers from the Department of Social Education will give different lectures in “Social Entrepreneurship” and “Models of Dialogues”.

The city Morelia you will find less than four hours away from Mexico City, and it dates back to the 16th century. The city has more than 200 historic buildings, which is why the city was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Where Will I Live During the Two-week Summer Course?

During the first 1½ weeks you will stay with a host family and the last week at the hotel San José. Due to the fact that this is a summer school, we have done our best to ensure you to learn as much as possible about Mexican culture, and therefore we have organized a stay with a Mexican family to encourage you to learn more about Mexican culture and everyday life in Mexico.

At the host family you stay together with another student, sharing a room, but you can also stay alone there without no extra charges added. At the host family we have organized breakfast, lunch and dinner for you without no extra fees. In this way you will learn what everyday life is like in Mexico.

The last week of the summer school you will stay at the Hotel San José. Breakfast is included in the price, but you will have to buy lunch and dinner yourself. The hotel provides you with another kind of experience of Mexico and is very famous for its beautiful surroundings, which gives you the best opportunity to prepare your final presentations at the summer school. You will share a room with one or two other students.

What does the Summer School Cost?

The price of the summer school is DKK 19.995 corresponding to EUR 2685 (the recommended Price, as the exchange rate may vary) which covers accommodation, all meals for the first 1½ weeks, breakfast for the last week and flight from CPH Airport, Denmark. If you find your own plane ticket, then the price is DKK 13.000 corresponding to EUR 1745 (the recommended price as the exchange rate may vary).

Important Information

You find information about visa, vaccination and more on our webpage.

Do you have any Questions?

Please contact Ass. Prof. Janne Mette Richter


Phone: direct +45 6318 4556  cell + 45 24942194

Learn More About the Summer School

Some of the students who participated in the summer school in 2015 created this video about their stay and what they experienced while in Mexico. Watch the video below to hear more about what they learned.

Mette Richter

Janne Mette Richter and International Coordinator, the Department of Social
+45 6318 4556

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