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Social Education Odense

The Department of Social Education in Odense values respect for each individual and emphasises the importance of creative and aesthetic values in the pedagogical profession.

Our key words are solid knowledge and lots of practical skills, independence, creativity and IT.

The best learning is by doing. That has always been our motto, and that makes our bachelor of social education programme unique.

We use music and other creative subjects in as many contexts as possible and combine it all with IT to an extent you will find at few other social education programmes in Denmark.

The Department of Social Education in Odense values respect for each individual and emphasises the importance of creative and aesthetic values in the pedagogical profession.

Understanding cultural aspects of pedagogy is essential when you work professionally with people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds and also when you work with people who appear to be ‘just like you’.

After completing the programme, you will have acquired the theoretical and practical skills you need to plan and carry out pedagogical work with children, youth and adults, including those with special needs.

Our goal is to give you the tools to continue your personal and professional development throughout your career and to enable you contribute to innovation in the field of pedagogy.

As a student you will learn to:

  • Analyse problems and take action to solve them
  • Research pedagogical and other subjects
  • Identify how your own culture and values influence your decisions and actions
  • Identify and work with the culturally and value based decisions and actions of others
  • Use pedagogical knowledge professionally and in cooperation with others
  • Put your own actions and those of others into perspective
  • Communicate well professionally and personally
  • Implement aesthetic and creative values in your pedagogical work
  • Dare to experiment and go above and beyond

Project Oriented Work, Democracy and Participation

The department has a long-standing tradition of working in projects. The curriculum is a combination of project work, specialisation courses, and practical training. The educational environment is interdisciplinary and creative, and many cultural activities take place throughout your time at the department.

Our campus is a workplace for students and employees and together we create an excellent learning environment with a strong social dimension. The department is home to a strong democratic tradition, which we continually work to strengthen and which we believe is one of the most important lessons our students carry with them after graduation.

As a social educator you can work with children, youth or adults from all backgrounds and each individual you meet will look to you to support them in their development towards their best life. Whether you are working with pre-school children or adults with special needs, your main commitment is to support each individual in discovering and realising his or her best life by empowering and involving each person in all relevant decisions.

To help you gain the skills to participate in this type of process, the Department of Social Education, Odense, involves students in the decision- making processes at the department. We are committed to ensuring access for all to participate actively, voice opinions and take responsibility for creating the best educational environment possible.

Multicultural Environment

International exchange and cooperation is high on the agenda at the Department of Social Education, Odense. We work with a number of partner institutions abroad, and participate in international organisations such as EURASHEFESET, OMEP, NORDPLUS and EECERA.

For many years we have run an introductory course for Danish citizens and residents with a non-Danish background. Particularly, the introductory course focuses on pedagogical work in a multicultural context.

Students in the course come from many different backgrounds adding to our on-campus diversity. Every year we welcome many exchange students and especially during the fall, when our international semester is in full swing, you will be part of an international campus.

IT – of course

Current IT tools are used in all aspects of the programme to support your learning. You will work with all types of digital media, online-advisors and podcasts. Your personal ePortfolio will be an important tool for you both during study and practice placement periods.

A World of Possibilities

We want to facilitate your personal and professional development, so that you will be ready to think and act as a professional when you begin working in the field. With a degree in social education you will be well qualified for many types of jobs and can continue your education at graduate level. In other words, we consider the programme your entry way to a career in pedagogical work in the broadest sense.

We are affiliated with the University of Southern Denmark and cooperate with them in many areas of research and development, ensuring that you have access to the newest research during your studies.

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