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Social Education Jelling

At the Department of Social Education in Jelling we are passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and practical experience in the field of social education.

At the Department of Social Education in Jelling you will gain the tools you need to continually improve your professional skills and have fun doing it. Most importantly, we want you to be able to pass on these skills in your pedagogical work.

The full programme is taught in Danish but international students are very welcome in practice placements.

Social Education – Study Programme

The Aim

The aim is that the students should acquire:

  • The theoretical and practical competencies for social educational work with children, young people and adults, including children, young people and adults with special needs
  • The competencies for maintaining, communicating and developing cultural values also in relation to people with other linguistic and cultural backgrounds
  • The competencies for cooperation, including cooperation with colleagues and other professional groups
  • A basis for developing their educational practice and for contributing to innovation in the field, including research and development

Furthermore, we aim to ensure that the personal development of the students should be promoted by:
– Their academic and practical work
– Their experience of varying study methods
– Their cooperation with the staff and shared responsibility for the learning process


The programme is of 41 months’ duration (app. 3½ years with a total of 210 ECTS).

The structure is as follows:

1st year Study at the college 12-week practice
placement (14 ECTS)
Study at
the college
2nd year 26-week practice placement (30 ETCS) Study at the college
3rd year Study at the college 26-week practice placement
(30 ETCS)
4th year 10-week bachelor project
at the college (12 ETCS)



Students are assessed at the following stages of their studies:

  • At the completion of each practice placement
  • At the end of the first year of their studies with a written and an oral examination
  • A Bachelor dissertation is presented during their final semester
  • Written and oral final examinations are held at the end of the programme

Both internal and external examiners conduct assessments.

Cultural Entrepreneurship

Beginning in August we will offer a new compulsory subject, Cultural Entrepreneurship. As a Cultural Entrepreneur you will learn how to manage projects from gathering ideas, through planning, financing and implementation. You will become an expert at innovation in your pedagogical work, and these skills will transfer to every aspect of your personal and professional life. You will also gain the tools you need to apply your professional knowledge and skills in new culturally based contexts such as museums, travel and many other emerging fields.

Social Educator Trainee

In Jelling we are creating a new entry to the social education programme, by offering a new trainee study programme. As a trainee you will be working in an institution while you are studying, and we have selected a number of qualified institutions who will employ trainees. Your study programme will be tailored to your specific work arrangements, and the number of hours you work will be adjusted to meet your needs and the needs of the institution. Your work is not a required part of your degree, but with the trainee programme, you will be able to tailor your programme and gain practical experience while you are a student in Jelling.

Front Runners

The teaching staff in Jelling are front runners in the field of pedagogy and our innovation projects and study methods make us unique. For example we offer ‘Solution Camps’ where our students and staff address specific problems submitted by our business partners. In cooperation with the Department of Teacher Education in Jelling we offer an annual educational music project and we are involved in the Jelling Music Festival, the third largest festival in Denmark. We have a lot going on, all the time.

Jelling Campus

Jelling is famous for its historical past. The Royal Seat for the first Danish kings was in Jelling, and the Jelling Rune Stone and the royal burial mounds in Jelling are on the World Heritage List. The Department of Social Education shares the campus in Jelling with the Department of Teacher Education with a total of approximately 1400 full time and 500 part time students enrolled.

Campus facilities are open on weekdays from 7 am to10 pm and on weekends from 9 am to 5 pm. Facilities include library, computer labs and more.

The library has an extensive collection of books and AV materials within educational and pedagogical subject areas, and in the basement we offer a study room with computers, newspapers, magazines and relevant periodicals. Digital cameras and video cameras can be borrowed from the library. Library hours are 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Thursday and Friday 8 am to 2 pm.

The cafeteria serves a variety of hot and cold dishes and beverages, as well as fruit and snacks. The cafeteria hours are weekdays from 7:30 am – 2 pm.

Computer facilities are available to students on campus. All students have a personal account, and you will only pay for printing. The Art Department houses a full multimedia lab.

Social activities are numerous and include the students’ sports club (JSI), Friday cafés, the student bar (Underhuset), Jelling Big Band, the College Choir, and the Christian Student Union (KFS).

JSI – The Students’ Sports Club offers aerobics, badminton, hockey, soccer, self-defense, and volleyball among other things. The club also organizes tournaments regularly and every spring classes are cancelled for two days of sports activities and tournaments.

Jelling Big Band and the College Choir are both organized by the music committee. The committee also organizes the annual musical, where students and teachers stage a musical together. Hair, Atlantis, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat are some of the recent productions.

Friday Cafés – Student groups organize these cozy Friday get-togethers about once a month.

Underhuset – as the name says, the student bar is ‘under the house’. Every Friday at noon the student bar opens in the basement and is open until 6 pm, and every other Friday the bar is open from 10 pm until the early hours of the morning. The bar is open to all students who want to have a great time partying with fellow students.

Mentor Programme

As an international student you will be assigned a Danish mentor, who will help you navigate life in Jelling on and off campus. Your mentor can help you find your way, get to know Danes, understand the Danish education system, living in Jelling and much more. Our mentors work with only one international student at a time. Your mentor is there to help you make the most of your time in Jelling.

Danish Courses

All international students in Jelling are offered a Danish course. Learning even a little Danish will give you a much better understanding of Danes and Danish culture and add an extra dimension to your time in Denmark. While you can certainly study and live in Denmark without speaking Danish, we believe you will only get the full benefit of your stay in Jelling by learning some Danish.


Accommodation is arranged in town for international exchange students. In the student residential areas, Højager, Hvesager and Fårupled, it is possible to rent furnished one-bedroom flats with kitchen. Accommodation can also be found in private houses.

  • After arrival a tenancy agreement is signed, and the rent is paid monthly in advance. Before arrival students will be informed about the address of accommodation and practical conditions.


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