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Clinical Placement

As an incoming student you will be working with highly advanced systems within radiography.

The Department of Radiography, University College Lillebaelt offers clinical placement within the region of Southern Denmark. As an incoming student you will be working with highly advanced systems within radiography and it will be possible to attend a clinical placement in a private clinic or in a public department of radiology.

When you attend a clinical placement in Denmark you will be a part of a multidisciplinary co-operation to ensure the best possible care for the patient. You will gain knowledge and insight within own professional group but also within other specialties.

You will have the possibility to follow complicated examinations such as angiographic examinations for extremities and neurology. Furthermore you can work within the fields of MRI, CT, UL and conventional x-ray examinations. Here you will gain knowledge about examination procedures and the technique behind digital imaging, technical optimization as well as quality assurance in all areas of radiography.

At each clinical department the aim is to give the students the possibility to evolve from observer to independent practicing. At the radiology department you will be associated with a clinical supervisor. The role of the clinical supervisor is to organize and plan an individual detailed plan with the student so the student will gain qualifications described within the learning agreement and connect every exchange student to one radiographer, who is trained to take care of the student in the examination room every day.

In most hospitals you will have the opportunity to seek scientific articles and literature on computer dedicated for this particular task. Occasionally short theoretical lectures will be arranged related to the clinical practice.

Clinical Placements

Odense University Hospital (Svendborg, Nyborg, Odense)

Sydvestjysk Hospital (Esbjerg, Grindsted)

Sønderjyske Hospital (Sønderborg, Aabenrå, Haderslev)

Hospital Lillebælt (Vejle, Give og Middelfart)

Thava Imaging, Middelfart

Regionshospitalet Horsens and Bræstrup

Hospital Lillebælt (Kolding, Fredericia)

Application for a Clinical Placement

You may apply on-line for a clinical placement here.

More Information

For further information, please contact the departmental international coordinator:

Ms. Svea Deppe Mørup



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