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Public Administration Programme

Good administrators are invaluable to any organisation.

They have the ability to gain an overview of the organisation and its activities, and subsequently organise and prioritise activities to manage case flow and maintain consistently high levels of service.

The public administration programme is only taught in Danish. The programme gives students a solid base knowledge in law, finance, organisational and management issues, and general administration.

In public administration, there is a great demand for employees with a special talent for keeping perspective and coordinating the many activities of municipalities, regions and the state. Employees who can keep track of finances and create efficient procedures. Competencies that are equally needed in the private sector.

During the last three semesters of the programme, students specialise in one of six areas of interest: Human Resources, Finance, Social Services, Study and Career Counseling, Employment and Labour Market Policy and Services, and Tax and Duty Systems.

During the specialisation programme, students spend 4 months interning in the field, linking theory to practice with hands on experience.

More Information

For more information about the programme and opportunities for exchange students, please contact the international coordinator:

Birgitte Wraae


Phone: +45 24825301




Title: Bachelor of Public Administration


Duration: 31⁄2 years – 210 ECTS


Language of Instruction: Danish


Courses taught in English: Yes


City: Odense

Birgitte Wraae

+45 24825301

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