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Movement – Essential to Health and Well-being

At the centre of professional physiotherapy is the understanding that the capacity to move is essential to the health and well-being of all humans. Physiotherapists seek to impact the health and quality of life of clients and target groups by positively influencing the ability to move through counseling, health promotion activities and physiotherapeutic intervention.

Up Close and Personal

Whether at work or play, at home or in public, we all rely on our bodies to enable us to participate in life to the fullest. When we are not able to accomplish what we want due to functional limitations, not only do our lives change in terms of which activities we can or cannot accomplish, our minds and spirits are affected directly.

That is why the connection between physiotherapist and client is so important and why we take pride in teaching our graduates how to facilitate close, working relationships.

Personal maturity and interpersonal skills are imperative for a physiotherapist and these skills in personal development are the foundation for the professional counseling relationships you will create and participate in during your career.

That is why the Department of Physiotherapy, Odense emphasizes both professional as well as personal development and we see your time here as only one stop on a lifelong journey of personal and professional development.

Together with health promotion and prophylaxis, rehabilitation is a central concept of the programme. Rehabilitation is an umbrella concept: it includes medical, psychological, social and working environment interventions that can help people obtain the highest possible level of functional ability and a basis for a good life.

The physiotherapy programme is designed to facilitate learning processes that encourage students to share the responsibility for their learning, become independent, and able to cooperate and solve problems.

Here you are instrumental in defining your own knowledge needs and deciding how to meet them.

Excellent facilities

The Department of Physiotherapy has outstanding facilities with a great library, skills laboratory and modern IT facilities for students and staff. Our skills laboratory includes our own training clinic or health centre and we have a long term programme on running analysis.

The department collaborates closely with clinical placements, and we primarily receive exchange students for internships.

More Information

Contact the international coordinator for more information:

Leif Zebitz


Phone: +45 6318 3179

Leif Zebitz

+45 6318 3179
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