For current international students

Clinical Placement

As an incoming student you will be placed in clinical practice together with a group of Danish students.

Clinical Placement for Physiotherapy

The Department of Physiotherapy, University College Lillebaelt offers clinical placement within the region of Southern Denmark. As an incoming student you will be placed in clinical practice together with a group of Danish students.

Clinical teachers with a postgraduate level in special training in clinical teaching will organise and supervise the clinical course.

The clinical teaching is organised in a way which represents the core areas of the field of physiotherapy. How you manage to integrate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that you acquire through training in a specific clinical context is brought into focus.

You also learn to communicate and collaborate with patients and other health professional groups to create the best results. In clinical practice, patients are at the main centre of interest, and so is emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation.

Clinical Practice Placements


Odense University Hospital

Svendborg Hospital,

Rygcenter Fyn, Middelfart

Svendborg Hospital, Psychiatric Ward

Middelfart Sygehus

Neurorehabiliteringen, Ringe

Middelfart Sygehus, Psychiatric Ward



Odense Municipality, Area of Activity and Training,

Odense Municipality, Area of Activity and Training

Svendborg Municipality, Area of Elderly and Children

Middelfart Municipality

Fredericia Municipality


Private Physiotherapy Clinics

Odense Fysioterapi- og Idrætsklinik

Otterup Fysioterapi & Træningsklinik

Bogense Fysioterapi

Tommerup Fysioterapi

Søndersø Fysioterapi og Fitness

Ejby Fysioterapi


Special Institutions

Center for Sundhed og Træning, Middelfart

Specialbørnehaven Platanhaven og Platanbo, Odense


In most hospitals you will have the opportunity to seek scientific articles and literature on computer, dedicated for this particular task. Occasionally short theoretical lectures will be arranged related to the clinical practice.

You can contact the international coordinator of the Department of Physiotherapy for further information, Mr. Leif Zebitz,

Exchange or international students: Please apply for the module through the MoveON system. 


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