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Occupational Therapy Programme

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The full bachelor programme in occupational therapy is taught in Danish and exchange students are welcome for clinical placements. To give you an impression of the programme and whether a placement through University College Lillebaelt would suit your educational goals here is information about the programme, and you can find the national curriculum for the occupational therapy programme in the facts box to the right.

Students in the occupational therapy programme must think creatively and focus on possibilities to make a difference in the everyday lives of clients.

Graduates of the occupational therapy programme are able to help clients get back to their everyday lives and meaningful activities. During the programme students work with a wide variety of theories about people and activities and experience the practical uses of theory for themselves.

The occupational therapy programme focuses on the combination of body and psyche – the hard facts and the soft values – and on students’ personal and professional development. As a professional occupational therapist using oneself is essential when helping clients get back to everyday life and meaningful activities.

The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy is a degree with a bright future. There are a wide variety of jobs open to an occupational therapist working in many different settings with clients of all ages and backgrounds and each with unique challenges.

Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapy programme is a bachelor level medium-cycle professionally oriented programme, and upon completion graduates are awarded a Bachelor in Occupational Therapy. The programme takes three and a half years and is a combination of theoretical and practical courses.


Title: Bachelor of
Occupational Therapy


Duration: 31⁄2 years – 210 ECTS


Language of Instruction: Danish


Courses taught in English: No


City: Odense


Curriculum in English

Ministerial Order

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