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Clinical Placement

Here you can learn more about our clinical placements and what to expect as an exchange student

As an exchange student at the Department of Occupational Therapy you can have your clinical placement both at Odense University Hospital or at local rehabilitation centres in municipalities.

In clinical placement you will manage in English, though you will experience that Danish is the common language.

To provide you with the best information possible we have asked some of our clinical placements to make a presentation of themselves.

De trænende terapeuter i Svendborg – a Place of Clinical Placement

Here you can learn more about “De trænende terapeuter i Svendborg” – a community based rehabilitation section in the municipality of Svendborg 

World Class Clinical Placements at Odense University Hospital

Here you can learn more of Clinical Placements at Odense University Hospital 

Here you can see an example of your introductory week at Odense University Hospital 

Exchange or international students: Please apply through the MoveON system. 


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Tabea from Switzerland describes her stay in Denmark as an occupational therapy student.

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