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Life in Vejle

Studying nursing in Vejle will bring you to one of the most beautifully located towns in Denmark.

In Vejle, forested hills, streams and Vejle fjord are all within your reach.

Participating in the many cultural and sports offers available gives you the opportunity to meet with other students – and enjoy your favorite pastimes.

Vejle offers pedestrian only shopping streets, state of the art shopping centres, and cosy old fashioned shopping arcades downtown. Cafes and restaurants spice up city life and are natural gathering places for locals and guests alike. Read more about Vejle and surroundings here.

Vejle is centrally located in Denmark and it is easy to get to and from Vejle. It only takes an hour to get to Århus or Odense with bus, car, or train, and Copenhagen is only a couple of hours away. The nearest international airport, Billund (BLL) is within a half an hour drive.

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