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Many educational institutions claim to put students at the top of their priority list. At the Department of Nursing in Vejle, we do much more than that.

In addition to Danish speaking full degree students (full degree programmes are taught only in Danish), we welcome exchange students from our many international partners in clinical placements or in the programme Nursing Europe – where you can choose one of our theoretical courses taught in English.

Student involvement

Our long standing democratic tradition at the Department of Nursing, Vejle ensures that students actively take part in shaping and planning their own educational programme. Student members of committees in charge of all aspects of the programme are able to participate directly in shaping the future in Vejle.

We are confident that student involvement in programming decisions is key to ensuring a high professional level in our programme and it was one of the many reasons we won a prize for best educational setting in Denmark in 2007.

The Department of Nursing, Vejle contributes to your overall development and your personal connections with lecturers, fellow students, coworkers in clinical placements, and your patients will move you to new insights.

If you want an education where knowledge, action, and care for your fellow human beeing are intertwined, then the Department of Nursing, Vejle may be just the place for you.

Working very closely with practicing professionals is a top priority at the Department. In fact, most of our faculty has worked as nurses and know first hand the reality you will be confronting after graduation.

Clinical Placements

Our faculty has close ties with primary and secondary health care institutions and we are able to offer clinical placements and testing in most nursing specialities. If you choose us for a clinical placement you will be followed closely by specially trained clinical counsellors and faculty from the programme throughout your placement period.

In Vejle, we can offer you clinical placements in:

  • Basic Nursing
  • Primary Health Care
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Complex Issues in Primary Health Care and Hospital Settings
  • Clinical Course in Public Health and Nursing

Placements are mainly available at hospitals in Horsens, Vejle, Fredericia and Kolding as well as in municipal nursing programmes.

Campus is situated in Southern Vejle, in a large, mordern building with good study facilities and a welcoming atmosphere. The great environment indoors and outside in our beautiful natural surroundings inspires and stimulates teaching and learning.

On campus you will find a modern IT-based library with more than 13,000 books, encyclopedias, videos and subscriptions to many Danish and international journals. You will also have access to the newest IT facilities during your studies.

Other student facilities include an excercise room, lockers and a delicious cafeteria. We also have good opportunities for you to practice nursing techniques in our practice rooms which feature all the equipment you will meet in practice.

Annually, the nursing programme in Vejle accepts more than 200 new students and this makes us one of the largest nursing programmes in Denmark. Students begin the programme in September or February.

If you want to know more about the opportunities in Vejle, please do not hestitate to contact our international coordinators.

Hanne Mirzaei Pedersen

+45 6318 3071

Eva Odgaard

+45 6318 3069

Laila Mohrsen Busted

+45 6318 3052

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