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The three departments at University College Lillebælt offering nursing degrees have launched a project to promote opportunities for international students to find clinical practice placements within the Danish Health Service.

International Clinical Placements

A number of clinical placements have been selected to welcome you and ensure you have an educational stay. A number of competent English-speaking clinical counsellors have been appointed and they are looking forward – both professionally and personally – to collaborating with international students.

Clinical Education and Counselling

During the clinical placement, you will be assigned to one or two permanent counsellors who are responsible, together with you, for your ongoing education and supervision.

Furthermore, a senior lecturer from the Department of Nursing is assigned to the international clinical placements and she will invite you to participate in theoretical reflections together with other foreign students. You will also meet an education nurse who arranges sessions for you and the host student(s) at the international clinical placement.

Presentation of an International Clinical Placement -Cardiology at OUH – Ward B1

Odense University Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Northern Europe with approximately 8,000 employees and treatment of 140,000 patients annually.

Odense University Hospital is situated in Odense, Denmark’s third largest city, with some departments located e.g. in Middelfart, Svendborg, Ringe and Nyborg. The ward B1 specialises in patients with heart diseases e.g arrhythmia.

Moreover, the Department of Cardiology consists of a ward for treatment and examination and several specialist out-patient clinics. The ward B1 has a capacity of 24 patients and receives patients from all over Denmark, primarily from the Region of Southern Denmark.

Patients are typical adults in all ages. We both receive elective and acute patients and patients transferred from other hospitals. We have many short-time admissions and thus a high patient flow and activity level.

You will have the possibility to work with:

• observation and nursing of cardiology patients

• nutrition/fluid balance

• information and counselling

• lifestyle changes

• nursing of terminal patients

• nursing in connection with relatives

• communication, the difficult conversation

The ward is divided into two groups, respectively, consisting of three nurses and a social and healthcare assistant. After the morning conference the patients are assigned to the staff according to knowledge of the patients and staff competences.

The clinical counsellor, Maria Brylle, is responsible for the education of the foreign students in collaboration with the rest of the staff. If possible, we arrange study visits to relevant working environments such as the heart medicine out-patient clinic.


Theoretic modules

Along with clinical placements, we offer 3 theoretic English-language modules – varying from 2 weeks up to 10 weeks. You will meet students from Denmark and other European countries. We are looking forward to welcoming you – come to Denmark – work theoretically with different nursing themes and choose to stay for a clinical placement where you can use your newfound skills.

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Please contact Ms. Mette Bro Jansen, for further information.


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