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Nursing Svendborg

Every day, nurses experience life up close in contacts with young and old, healthy and sick, patients and their families.

As a nursing student in Svendborg you will gain perspective, learn to take action and find out how to prioritise nursing for each individual patient and his or her relatives.

You will be trained in taking responsibility and providing care – whether working with sick patients or promoting health. Problembased learning and the portfolio method is the overarching form of learning in theory as well as in practice.

In addition to Danish speaking full degree students (full degree programmes are taught only in Danish), we welcome exchange students from our many international partners in clinical placements or in the programme Nursing Europe – where you can choose one of our theoretical courses taught in English.


Campus is right in the heart of town, just a few minutes’ walking will take you to shopping, railway station, harbour and the beach. On campus we offer great student facilities. You have access to school buildings 24/7 and can use resources such as IT and the library.

The Department of Nursing, Svendborg is a small department and we all know each other. All doors are open to students. That is a huge advantage for our students who emphasize close connections with faculty, staff, and fellow students. Annually, 75 students enter the programme in either February or September.

Being a smaller campus gives us a lot of flexibility. Many things are possible in planning lessons which take place not just on campus, at hospitals or in the municipal home nursing programmes but also in the surrounding community.

Nursing students cooperate with e.g. the ship’s officer’s, shipmaster, and marine engineer programmes at SIMAC and provide input on nutrition, excercise, and prevention of life style diseases to sailors-to-be. We also cooperate with University College Lillebaelt’s Departments of Teacher Education and Social Education for example at semester start.

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