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Nursing, Ethics and Research-Based Knowledge

A 10-week nursing bachelor programme in Denmark (15 ECTS).

Would you like to Study in an International Atmosphere?

Are you curious? Would you like to spend ten weeks of your studies in an international study environment in Odense, Denmark? If yes, we can offer you our module Nursing, Ethics and Research-Based Knowledge.

International nursing class, spring 2016

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Catch the Near Future at the Department of Nursing, University College Lillebaelt

University College Lillebaelt has established an international module focused on the demands and needs of the healthcare system in the near future – in particular focusing on the challenges related to caring, research and ethics. During the module the students must identify the competences nurses will need in order to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Nurses and other health professionals play an increasingly important role to the individual patient, groups or communities concerning ethics and evidence-based practice.

Health professionals are often faced with complex challenges in a multi-cultural society – especially concerning, values, culture and perceptions of life. This module focuses on the nurse’s role in the individual patient’s health, lifestyle and environment; a task which seems to demand even more attention in the future.

The approach to teaching and methods of learning is based on critical thinking, flipped classroom and evidence-based methods.

The module consists of three courses: Nursing, Science Theories and Research Methodology and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics.

During the module the students must identify the competences nurses will need in order to meet the demands waiting just around the corner.

This means that we:

  • focus attention on the new challenges in the primary and secondary health services: accelerated patient pathways, discharge from acute department after 24-48 hours of admission to treatment and care in the patient’s own home
  • zoom in on the demands to the nurse in the brief encounter where focus is on ethics and evidence-based practice – in relation to a patient with a different cultural and religious approach to health and disease.
  • identify ways of collaborating and overlapping areas between the primary and secondary health sector
  • study possibilities of welfare technologies and innovative solutions to tasks and challenges in the nursing profession.

During the Module the Student will

  • develop her/his critical reflection
  • study and bring forward ideas to solve the future tasks, needs and challenges in nursing within primary and secondary healthcare
  • contribute to finding new angles to be discussed and tested e.g. in relation to the planned study visit.

Below is a picture of a student being creative on her first day at UCL.

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