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At the Department of Nursing in Odense one of our focuses is to breach out and make international partnerships which can help us develop

Modern nursing must be based on the latest knowledge and technology and the best practices as they unfold right now in the best hospitals.

At University College Lillebaelt the nursing education is based on academic disciplines in health with nursing science, health science, natural science, humanities and social science.

At the Department of Nursing, Odense we are committed to deliver the most up-to-date and thorough higher education we can and to this end the Department of Nursing works closely with the University of Southern Denmark in research and development areas.

The staff is educated at Ph.D. and master levels and several lecturers are Ph.D. students at the moment.

The Department of Nursing works internationally and is part of several international collaborations concerning strategic partnerships and research within the field of nursing, education and affaires related to international exchange.

At the same time the Department of Nursing has a strong network in the professional nursing community, not least with Odense’s University Hospital.

Capture the Impact of international clinical exchanges for student nurses from three countries

A strong Erasmus partnership has developed between European universities with Pre-registration nursing students undertaking Erasmus clinical and academic module exchanges.

In Mid-september 2014, Mette Bro Jansen from University College Lillebaelt and Dorthe Nielsen from the University of Southern Denmark visited the University of Worcester to meet and plan with Kath Baume and Sue Lilleyman from the Institute of Health and Society.

The meeting in Worcester was to review the pilot project study data which provided stimulating discussion and insight into the students’ experience. The data highlights the personal and professional development opportunities for students undertaking an Erasmus exchange and will further inform the research study that is due to commence in 2015.

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Middlesex University – Higher Education Cooperation

Middlesex University is one of the largest UK universities. 40,000 students attend Middlesex courses at their campuses in London, Dubai and Mauritius as well as with prestigious academic partners across the world.

The main campus is located in North West London which is highly multicultural and with numerous pockets of deprivation. The university has a reputation of having the highest quality teaching, research that makes a real difference to people’s lives and a practical, innovative approach to working with businesses to develop staff potential and provide solutions to business issues.

The university works with businesses and organisations to develop solutions to grow and develop their staff to realise their potential. With their wide-ranging, cross-sector expertise they provide consultancy, bespoke training and courses and research.

Teaching at MU has been recognised as outstanding by the Quality Assurance Agency. A thriving research culture ensures programmes remain innovative and current.

The key values of MU are: striving for excellence; placing the students’ needs first, promoting diversity and inclusiveness; service to the community; freedom of academic enquiry; professionalism.

MU has extensive experience in managing large European projects and is a leading institution in transcultural health, nursing and cultural competence. MU will co-ordinate the proposed project and will also lead in the development of the various tools and teaching approaches proposed in this application.

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