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Nursing Odense

In Odense we educate nurses who make a difference.

On the Blangstedgård campus in Odense, nursing students mix with students from other health programmes such as radiography, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and biomedical laboratory technology.

Not only bachelor students, but also many practicing nurses taking continuing education classes flock to our campus and our campus is the home of a very eclectic student environment.

In addition to Danish speaking full degree students (full degree programmes are taught only in Danish), we also welcome exchange students from our many international partners in clinical placements or in the theoretical courses taught in English under the Nursing Europe programme.

Excellent facilities

From libraries, IT facilities and classrooms to our own miniature hospital with all the equipment and facilities you’ll find in a regular hospital, you have access to unparallelled learning resources during your studies. Our building is modern, light and airy, and it provides the ideal framework for our faculty, students, and staff.

Research and Development

Modern nursing must be based on the latest medical knowledge and technology and best practices as they unfold right now in the best hospitals.

At the Department of Nursing, Odense we are committed to giving you the most up-to-date and thorough education we can and to this end we work closely with the University of Southern Denmark in research and development areas, and at the same time we have a strong network in the professional nursing community, not least with Odense’s University Hospital.

Clinical Placements

One of the many benefits of our strong network in the professional nursing community is the fact that we can offer you outstanding clinical placement opportunities. Whether you are a full time student or coming for an exchange during your studies at another school.

All clinical placements include specially trained placement counsellors who follow students from before the clinical placement begins and until you have completed the placement and reached your educational goals.

Our clinical placement opportunities were further extended to international exchange students in 2008, when a number of clinical placement counsellors undertook additional training to be prepared to welcome English speaking exchange students.

Through the Nursing Europe programme, we now offer not only clinical placements but also a growing number of study opportunities for international exchange students.

Contact the international coordinator for more information.


Mette Bro Jansen

International Coordinator
+45 6318 3113

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