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Biomedical Laboratory Science Programme

Become an important partner in finding the correct diagnosis and developing new medications.

The Professional Bachelor’s programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science qualifies graduates to become important partners in the treatment of patients at hospitals, general practitioners’ clinics and reference labs or in the development of new medications and tests at the biotechnology labs.

The Biomedical Laboratory Scientist possesses the knowledge and skills to handle biological materials in a correct and safe manner, to develop and evaluate methodologies and in particular to analyse, detect and critically evaluate the result.

Biomedical laboratory scientists perform chemical, hematological, immunologic, cytological and bacteriological diagnostic analyses. They operate microscopes, computers and complex precision instruments and they perform a full range of laboratory tests such as blood cell count, liver function tests, hormone measurements and ECG.

Delivering crucial test results to physicians working to find the correct diagnoses and best treatments for the patients, biomedical laboratory scientists fulfil a very important role in hospitals and research laboratories worldwide.

Interested in health issues and science and enjoy subjects such as biology, chemistry and pathology? This is the perfect educational fit for you!

Potential Partnerships

Potential partners are more than welcome to contact the international coordinator.


Title: Bachelor of
Biomedical Laboratory Science


Duration: 31⁄2 years – 210 ECTS


Language of Instruction: Danish


Courses taught in English: No


City: Odense



Charlotte Birk Olsen

International Coordinator
+45 6318 3146
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