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Research and Development

University College Lillebaelt works closely with practitioners and organisations within the professional fields.

All study programmes offered are research based, so that students, staff and practitioners have access to the most up to date research, best practices and educational resources.

The Research and Development Unit

R & D at University College Lillebaelt is responsible for strategic development and coordinates development of all study programmes, the Knowledge Centers, research collaboration and quality assurance for all educational offers.

The Research and Development Unit has since January 2013 been organized in six Knowledge Centers and a Project Center, which is responsible for on-going projects involving UCL and local, regional or national partners. 

The six specialized Knowledge Centers are intended to secure production and communication of research and development knowledge in order to enhance quality assurance, innovation and professionalization in practice. The Centers are established in close and formalized cooperation with users and the research environment, and knowledge development will be a joint effort.

Furthermore, the Centers are to secure strong networks with relevant local, regional and national actors. These networks will have an interdisciplinary and inter-proffessional function within the educational programs at UCL. Finally, the Centers will have an increased focus on student involvement, ensuring that students who participate in development projects will have a specialized knowledge within their profession. 

Further Information

If you want further information on our Research and Development activities, please contact Head of the Department:

Anette Kistrup Thybo,

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