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Best Agers

An international project working on keeping people in the agegroup 55 + – the best agers – a part of the labourmarket.

Despite current financial crisis a lot points in the direction that in a few years there will be a shortage of labour in Denmark and the rest Europe. The background is that older people live longer, there are fewer younger citizens and widespread migrations.

The aim of the project is to rally people close to retirement to the cause of staying just a bit longer in the labour market.

University College of Lillebaelt focus on public sector employees. We have conducted a case study of attitudes to staying longer in eldercare sector of the municipality of Fredericia. The study shows that the following – among other things – will motivate many best agers to stay longer: less weekend shifts, less working hours without compensation and a appreciative management.

View the complete study and the recommendations to the municipality of Fredericia.

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