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Our Interdisciplinary Knowledge Centres

UCL’s research activities take place in our knowledge centres which are briefly presented here.

In our knowledge centres UCL develops its education programmes and constructs research capacity by involving bachelor and PhD students in the research and development projects. This happens in collaboration with universities and public and private companies and institutions nationally as well as internationally.

Centre for Applied School and Education Research

A research centre which supports the core output of schools through research and development activity, and contributes to research-based professional bachelor’s degree programmes at UCL.

Contact: Thomas Illum Hansen, Head of Center,, +45 3058 1523

Centre for Applied Welfare Research

A research centre running research and development activities that support the work done by the professions to create welfare and provide opportunities for children, young people and adults to participate actively in society. The Centre also helps to provide a esearch
basis for professional bachelor’s degree programmes.

Contact: Ulla Viskum, Head of Center,, +45 2056 2947

History Lab – National Centre of Excellence for the Dissemination of History and Cultural Heritage

Researches and disseminates knowledge about history and our cultural heritage, with a focus on children and young people being able to use the past in order to understand modern society.

Contact: Peter Yding Brunbech, Head of Center,, +45 2046 0399

Health Sciences Research Center

Through the research programme “Close to and Together with the Citizen in Future Health Services”, Health Sciences Research Center conducts research and disseminates knowledge from an interdisciplinary and cross-sector perspective within the subject areas of health, body, culture and society.

Contact: Poul Bruun, Head of Research,, +45 2936 8540

Research and Innovation Centre for Human Movement and Learning

The research centre develops and applies new, practice-oriented knowledge on movement and learning in close collaboration with private companies, organisations and public institutions.

Contact: Lisbeth Runge Larsen,, +45 2381 6462

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