A UCL scolarship to study at the nursing programme is available to highly qualified students from outside EU/EAA countries and Switzerland.

Currently, it is possible for highly qualified students, who are not from EU/EAA countries or Switzerland, to apply for a scholarship to study at the nursing programme.

UCL does not offer scholarships for any of the other study programmes at this point in time.

The scholarship covers the tuition fee for one semester (4 months) at the nursing programme, and additionally you will receive approximately 6000 DKK each month to contribute to your living expenses.

Depending on your nationality, you will have to pay Danish tax. UCL will provide more information if you are selected for a scholarship.

About the Scholarship at the Nursing Programme

At the Department of Nursing, you combine the English module Nursing, Ethics  and Research-Based Knowledge (15 ECTS) with a practice placement (15 ECTS) at a Danish health-care facility for a total duration of 4 months.

Clinical placement appropriate for your studies will provide you with insights to the Danish health-care system.

Who Can Apply?

To be eligible to apply for a scholarship you must be:

  • applying to participate in one of the above-mentioned courses
  • a citizen of a country outside the EU, the European Economic Area or Switzerland
  • enrolled in a full degree higher education programme in your home country related to nursing.

You are not eligible to apply for a scholarship if you:

  • are studying in Denmark on the grounds of a bilateral exchange agreement
  • have a legal claim to the rights of Danish citizenship
  • have been granted a residence permit at the time of the application admission by the Danish Aliens Consolidations Act §9c, subsection 1, as the child of a foreign citizen who has been granted a residence permit in accordance with the Danish Aliens Consolidations Act §9a, and who is a citizen of a country that is not acceded to the EU or covered by the EEA agreement
  • are a student who is eligible for a grant in accordance with Danish Law regarding the State Education Fund
  • are from an EU applicant country such as Turkey

Application Procedure

To ensure that only highly qualified students are granted the scholarship, UCL requires you to prepare and submit all of the following:

  • Application form
  • CV
  • Motivational letter (max. 1 page)
  • Official transcripts (including explanation of grading scale)
  • Documentation of English proficiency (read more below)

English Proficiency

Please provide:

  • High school transcripts documenting level of English, grade achieved, and if possible number of hours taken.
  • Documentation of any English language proficiency tests you may have taken (TOEFl, IELTS, CAE etc.)
  • Any further documentation of your English proficiency such as courses, longer stays in English speaking countries etc.

Once we have evaluated your documentation of English proficiency, we may call you for a phone interview to ensure that your level is sufficient to study at University College Lillebælt.


You are exempt from documenting your English skills if you are currently pursuing a degree in one of the following countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.


The deadline for applying is November 1st 2017, where you may apply for scholarships for studies in Spring 2018.

How to Apply

You apply for the scholarship at the same time you apply for studies via the on-line MoveON application. Any applications recieved after this deadline will be declined.

How to Apply

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship, requirements and procedures or the study programmes, please feel free to contact our international office.

Please note that if any of the above enclosures (files) are missing, your application will NOT be taken into consideration for the scholarship. Nor if you apply after the deadline.

All enclosures (files) must be pdf files in order to be considered for the scholarship.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships – Get the Guide

At the Danish national guide for international students,, you can download a guide on tuition fees and scholarships.

Guides to go!


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