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University College Lillebaelt assists international students in finding accommodation.

University College Lillebaelt assists international students in Jelling, Odense, Vejle and Svendborg with housing in student residence halls or with private landlords.

Student housing in Denmark is offered on the same terms as other rental housing and is highly regulated by law. This means that you will typically:

  • pay a deposit equivalent to up to 3 months of rent, which will be refunded 4-6 weeks after your lease ends unless there are any outstanding bills or renovation costs
  • move-in dates are the 1st or the 15th of the month
  • you will need to give 3 months’ notice to terminate you lease
  • you might be required to pay rent for the 14 days following your move-out date to allow for any necessary renovation of your unit

While these requirements may seem onerous at first, they are lawful, and we find that residence halls are typically well maintained and offer an important social dimension to your stay in Denmark.

University College Lillebaelt will help you to make sense of lease agreements, termination notices and other paperwork connected with housing. Prices for student accommodation vary, but are typically around DKK 2200-2800 per month for a single room and DKK 1600 – 1800 for a shared room.
Deposits normally range from DKK 5-7000, which will be returned to you unless there are any damages to your room and/or common areas.

International students receive housing on equal terms with Danish students, and prices are within the norm in Denmark, although we realise that the Danish cost of living may seem high depending on your home country.

Application for Accommodation in Odense

You apply for housing in the application for studies at University College Lillebaelt, where you indicate if you would like our International Office to offer you housing opportunities.

If you are coming either to Vejle, Jelling or Svendborg, please contact the departmental coordinator for information about accommodation.

Media License

In Denmark you are legally obligated to register with DR License when you are of legal age. The Media License, taken into effect January 1. 2007, covers appliances such as TV sets, radios, video or DVD recorders, computers with internet access, and mobile phones and similar electronic devices that also work as a television or radio receiver. The Radio License covers radios only. The license is not part of the rent and must be paid separately.

Here you will find the prices of the Media and Radio License covering the calendar year of 2012: Media License

Further Information?

If you are interested in learning more about housing during your stay in Denmark, please visit the National Student Guide on Study in Denmark’s website.

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International Relations
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