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Different Eating Habits?

This week the Centre for Food, Body and Learning is participating in the international conference “Otras Maneras de Comer” in Barcelona.

The conference “Otras Maneras de Comer” is being organised by the research group Odela at the University of Barcelona.

The conference aims to identify the extent that current society challenges within sectors such as economy, health and sustainable development contribute in impacting eating and meal habits in both private and public connections.

“The purpose of our participation is to present the research from the LOMA project at the Nymark School in Svendbog and to facilitate the knowledge about the projects “Smag for Livet” (“A Taste for Life”) and “Læring i Campushaven” (“Learning in the Campus Garden”)”, says Morten Kromann Nielsen, Head of the Centre for Food, Body and Learning.

Barcelona conference

Our development and research activities are to a large extent about how the green learning forum can be utilized to support various learning processes for children and youths in day care facilities and schools and in their lives outside of these.

In school we work on this during classes such as Danish, Mathematics, Health, Nature Technology and Home Economics and in themes as education in sustainable development.

Furthermore, we are preoccupied with how combining the further training of teachers, lessons for students, and changes in the food and meal culture can help better learning, health and action competences of children and youths.

“We are working on establishing collaborations with research groups who share our interest not only in Denmark but also abroad,” adds lecturer Dorte Ruge, who is the project leader for the LOMA project which is in progress and which is also sponsored by the Nordea Fund.

There is a lot of knowledge and insight which will benefit us all to exchange cross-functionally and across country borders.

From 1st August ”Food, Body and Learning” will figure as an independent research programme in the Centre for Applied School Research under Research and Development at UCL.

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Lecturer and Project Leader, Dorte Ruge


Phone: 28 90 90 56

And to learn more about the conference mentioned in this article, please visit the following site:

“Otras Maneras de Comer”

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