Nursing, Ethics and Research Based Knowledge

Nursing, Ethics and Research Based Knowledge

The International Module Nursing, Ethics and Research Based Knowledge at UCL consists of 10 weeks in an international study environment in Denmark.

Catch the near Future at University College Lillebaelt

The Department of Nursing at University College Lillebaelt has developed a module focused on the demands and needs of the healthcare system in the near future.

The focus of the module is the tasks and challenges of the nursing profession concerning caring, research and ethics.

Would you like to study in an international atmosphere?

You and your fellow students will study and investigate the competences nurses will have to acquire and possess in order to meet the future demands to the nursing profession.

At the Department of Nursing at University College Lillebaelt we will try to Catch the Near Future by:

  • attracting attention on the new challenges in the primary and secondary health services: accelerated patient pathways, discharge from acute department after 24- 48 hours of admission to treatment and care in the patient’s own home.
  • zooming in on the demands to the nurse in the brief encounter where focus is on ethics and evidence based practice – in relation to a patient with a different cultural and religious approach to health and disease than the patient.
  • identifying ways of collaborating and overlapping areas between the primary and secondary health sector.
  • study possibilities such as flipped classroom and simulated scenaries.

The module is equivalent to 15 ECTS and consists of three courses and a final project and exam.

Course 1: Nursing (4 ECTS)
Course 2: Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (4 ECTS)
Course 3: Science theories and Research Methodology (4 ECTS)
Study visits are included during the courses, and the module is finished by project work and a written exam (3 ECTS).

When does the module start?

Start: February 5th, 2018

End: April 13th, 2018

Organisation of the module

The module covers four full days of teaching and one day for selfstudies a week. We advise you not to have extra-curricular work activities as the module is more demanding than regular modules at least for the first 4-5 weeks.

Who are your fellow students?

The module is in English and your fellow students will come from Scandinavia, Europe as well as from the rest of the world.

Tuition fee

Tuition is free for students from EU and EEA countries.

Students cover accommodation, travel expenses, local transportation and living expenses.

Apply before November 1

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