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Senior Management

At University College Lillebaelt, Senior Management consists of 3 members.

Erik Knudsen



Rector Erik Knudsen has the overall responsibility for University College Lillebaelt and he represents the entire institution. He is also very active in the field of education policy in Denmark.

The following departments refer directly to the rector:

HR and Communication
Senior Management Secretariat
Buildings and Services
Finance and Personnel

Phone:  +45 29 60 59 88


Steffen Svendsen








Steffen Svendsen is the deputy rector and he is also responsible for the organisation of University College Lillebaelt supporting the institutional strategies and goals.

Steffen Svendsen has the overall responsibility for the following faculties and departments:

Education and Social Sciences
Health Sciences
Professional Development and Educational Resources
IT Services
Student Administration Services

Phone: +45 21 38 17 35

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