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Mission and Vision

Educating Tomorrow’s Professionals

Mission for University College Lillebaelt

Education programmes with meaning, human beings and possibilities. In Danish – Uddannelser med mening, mennesker og muligheder.

Vision for 2015

It is the vision of University College Lillebaelt to be among the leading education and knowledge centres in Denmark by educating professional bachelors who are highly respected key players in a strongly cohesive welfare state in which generating, spreading and utilising knowledge contributes to sustainable welfare development.

We create cohesion, growth and progress in the welfare society. In 2015, University College Lillebaelt will move its focus onwards from being an educational instituion to being a knowlegde and an educational institution. University College Lillebaelt will produce, transform and utilize knowlegde for the benefit of both the education programmes and the profession.

In this process, we will focus on

  • Professional laboratories, where the flow of knowlegde among stakeholders is a priority
  • Partnerships with the professional field such as municipalities, organisations and regions
  • Differentiation in terms of our target groups

We will focus on the society’s need to encourage a wider range of students to enroll in higher education and life long learning. We will further develop new and existing education programmes and establish Professional Master Programmes. Securing students to complete their education programme is a top priority for University College Lillebaelt.

We will support the region aiming at new developments. Specifically, we are an active partner in developing and implementing welfare technology, both in terms of applying welfare technology to learning and teaching situations at University College Lillebaelt but also applying it in the professional practice and reality.

University College Lillebaelt also benefits from the expertise at the Educational Resource Center in the development of Learning Support Centres and libraries for students and staff. As a public institution the Educational Resource Centre is obligated to initiate, facilitate, and communicate new didactic measures and development projects in the Danish education system.

We will also focus on developing our employees’ competences even further and we acknowlegde our staff being of great importance. We will focus on job satisfaction and the working environment too.

General Aims

  • Confer professional bachelor degrees in the Region of Southern Denmark
  • Offer relevant and up to date ongoing and further education to the public and private labour markets
  • Be a development and resource centre for the professions by connecting practice oriented research, development and teaching and thereby contribute to a higher educational and competency level throughout the Region of Southern Denmark
  • Develop new educational programmes at bachelor’s level as well as at the level of ongoing and further education
  • Strengthen the international profile through participation in highly qualified international networks in education and profession
  • Secure and utilize the geographic spread of educational activities across the region
  • Create strong relations between the two university colleges in the Region of Southern Denmark to benefit the labour market
  • Extend cooperation with relevant research institutions – particularly the University of Southern Denmark
  • Extend cooperation with educational institutions in the technical-mercantile field
  • Contribute to growth and development in the Region of Southern Denmark
  • Contribute to the cohesiveness, growth and development of the welfare state.

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