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International Partners

Networking with partners across borders is a top priority at University College Lillebaelt

University College Lillebaelt works closely together with several partners regionally, on a national level as well as on an international level.

All our academic departments are involved in one or more long-term networks with partners, mostly within the ERASMUS or NORDPLUS programmes.

These networks develop the international aspect of the academic courses in question, for example through staff and student mobility and the development in common with partners of joint study modules or intensive programmes involving students and staff of the participating countries.

These networks are specifically related to the academic content of the courses taught, allowing for closer cooperation between similar degree courses around the world.

International ties with partner institutes enrich our academic culture by means of gaining knowledge and a broader view. In addition, these contacts provide excellent opportunities for students and staff to widen their horizons.

The relationships we have developed with other higher education instituions mean we can offer student exchange programmes, where students get the chance to study abroad.

Find a complete overview of our different international partners on the MoveOn platform.

Research and Development projects

Through their respective networks, many of the academic departments at University College Lillebælt are involved in international research and development projects, working across borders with a common professional, academic content.

Some of these projects have been initiated by staff at University College Lillebælt; in other cases we participate as cooperative partners.

University College Lillebaelt (UCL) is deeply engaged in developing projects in collaboration with private companies and organisations on a global scale.

Our focal point of interest takes its starting point in providing tailored solutions in capacity building, training solutions and organisational development.

Educational export is at the forefront of our activities and we take pride in a thorough joint collaboration with our partners in order to reach a sustainable and qualified solution.

We specialise in teacher training, in-service-training, technical solutions for the health care sector and in tailor-made solutions for national and foreign companies, organisations and governments.

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