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Educational Resource Centre

The Educational Resource Centre is a catalyst for creative didactic development for teachers and schools at all levels from primary school through youth and all levels from primary and secondary schools.

At the centre, teachers and schools from the Southern Region of Denmark have access to an extensive collection of educational materials as well as library and consultancy services.

University College Lillebaelt also benefits from the expertise at the Educational Resource Center in the development of Learning Support Centres and libraries for students and staff.

As a public institution the Educational Resource Centre is obligated to initiate, facilitate, and communicate new didactic measures and development projects in the Danish education system.

The Educational Resource Centre promotes programmes like Erasmus+ and Nordplus for primary and secondary schools in our region. You can contact us about finding Danish partners for international projects – school partnerships, job-shadowing and in-service training in Denmark.

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For further information, please contact:

Mr. John Kraaer ( in Odense


Signe Schmidt Rye ( in Vejle.

John Kraaer

+45 6318 3354

Signe Schmidt Rye

+45 40329296

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